Buymytime *

Time-centric Tools For Freelancers

From Freelancers To Freelancers...

... and companies

Track your projects and tasks in a time-centric way. Track your spent time.

Allow your clients to follow project advancement and spent time.

Build your public page to present your skills, experiences and whishes, along with your Buymytime public availability calendar.

Allow new clients to find and contact you directly from your public page.

Share your Buymytime public calendar on your website or blog.

And tons more to come !

Want to see an example ?

Check Buymytime's creators public page :

Olivier Drot

Edith Hilbe


Registration is not available yet, but we will soon release a first beta to selected freelancers for free to help us build this time-centric app.

If you wish to join us in this adventure and help us improve our app, please fill the form below : we will contact you when we are ready to add you in the beta release !

And if you join and help us now, Buymytime will stay free for you. For ever.

* 0.3 alpha release